In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

South Korea born London based Seong Ki Baek works as an artistic member at Rush London.
He holds the title southern hairdresser of the year 2010 and 2013 as well as multiple finalist positions.

What or who inspires your beautiful hair creations?
I’m inspired by many different things and many different artists.
The Rush art team, Iris Van Herpen, Zaha Hardid, Angelo Seminara to name a few.
I’m mostly inspired by nature. The colours and shapes of deep-sea animals, coral reef, birds and even insects are fascinating to me. 

What are your favorite styling products at the moment?
Ply from L’Oreal It is an amazing product to form the shape before creating any shape.
Aso I love ‘wet domination’ L’Oreal It gives a beautiful shine and finish.

Baek, do you ever compete or are part of any hair shows in Asia?
I have been part of a  few hair shows and seminars in South Korea.
It was an amazing opportunity to be part of them. I wish that I could do more in Asia.
However, I will be the judge on two of Korean hair competitions this year. I am very honoured and very excited about doing this.

How did you start doing hair originally?
I was a quiet and shy kid who had no particular interest in hairdressing or fashion industry.
The main reason I started hairdressing was because my auntie who is a hairdresser  told me male hairdressers are getting popular in the industry, so i decided to go for it.
This is when I met my mentor at the hair acadamy called Sailee, he taught me all my knowledge of basic hairdressing and as he had studied hairdressing in Japan and the UK, he inspired me to move to London and study at Vidal Sassoon.