Roots of the Afro

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

This round shape hairdo’s history is so much more than just a style.
The civil rights movement in the late 1960’s brought a sense of identity to the black community redefining personal style that strongly included embracing black beauty and aesthetics powered by the “Black is beautiful movement ”
After years of chemically relaxing and hot comb straightening curly, nappy hair, this political time marked a return to the more natural, untreated hairstyle as a rejection to the eurocentric standards of mainstream beauty and white fashions.
The AFRO became a symbol which reflected “black pride” worn by both women and men.
In response to the racial policies and the expressive hairdo, the first comb (Afro pick) with a handle shaped like the black power salute (fist) was designed.
With many political activists proudly wearing this Afro style while fighting oppression. The hairstyle was seen by several outside cultures as a dangerous symbol of unrest and was even banned in the 1970 s in places such as Tanzania.
We continue to see these glorious ,voluminous, curly heads today whether just for fashion or style we know the important origin and roots….