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A huge congrats to the NAHA 2018 winners!
The big event took place last Sunday in Las Vegas with hairstylists from around the Globe to celebrate this year’s awards.

Avant-garde and master stylist of the year: Silas Tsang, Ottawa, Ont
Editorial: Mandy Macfadden, Newmarket, Ont
Hair color and people’s choice: Lori Zabel, San Diego, Ca
Haircutting: Rodrigo Araneda, Montreal, QC
Hairstylist of the year: Danielle Keasling, South Carolina
Makeup artist: David Madderich, New York
Men’s stylist of the year: Jamie Digrazia, Chicago, Ill
Newcomer stylist: Reno Prezio, California
Styling&finish: Frank Cini, Toronto
Salon team: Beauty Underground, Littleton, Colorado
Texture: Michelle O’Connor, Miami, Florida