Pomades Dude’s Grooming: Our Favourites

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Some of our top choices of these oil or water based shape slicking stylers.
Depending on the texture and thickness of hair and choice of shine and scent.
This is a selection of our favorites tried and tested by our professionals.

Photo: Eoin Holland - www.eoinholland.com

Pomp & Co The Pomade
  • Emerald green colour with gel-like texture
  • Hold is light to strong depending on your needs
  • High sheen finish (Wet-look)
  • Great for pomps, slick-backs & classic styles
  • Water based so washes out easily
  • Highly concentrated formula, only a small amount needed

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This new pomade from your friends at Suavecito Pomade is sure to please, entice and overjoy you in ways you may never have known before. Parsley Eucalyptus. Like a fresh start to the new garden in the yard and in celebration of the season this uniquely scented pomade will invigorate your day with purpose and drive. As each new morning brings itself to your doorstep, through the window with a glow and sounds of birds awaking this pomade will dazzle your sense of smell and allow you to start fresh, ready for the day.

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Medium hold with high shine.

Extremely versatile water-based formula rinses clean and offers smooth control with shine. Works well for curly hair and provides a modern, flexible alternative to styling gels.

Application: Work a small amount evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired.

Features: Water Based, Lanolin, Complex Strong Hold.

Benefits: Shampoos out easily without residue. Provides tremendous shine and pliable hold. Ultimate hold in a pliable product.


Layrite Original Pomade

Our extremely versatile Original Pomade provides excellent all-day hold for short, fine, or normal hair and can be used to create put-together or messy styles with a medium shine.

This traditional pomade has a mild vanilla fragrance and looks and feels like an extremely thick gel.  It’s easy to spread in the palm of your hands, distributes easily through your hair, and is easy to style with your hands or a comb.  The superior hold and medium shine are ideal for messy wet looks including textured crew cuts, fades, fauxhawks, quiffs, and spikes, or classic put-together styles including slick-backs, side parts, and low pomp’s.

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Imperial Barber CLASSIC POMADE (SLE)

Our industrial strength CLASSIC POMADE is America’s strongest holding water-based pomade. With an even and smooth application, the CLASSIC POMADE also allows you to adjust the hold strength depending on the amount of water in your hair. For a lighter hold, apply with water or on damp hair while the strongest hold can be achieved with a slightly heavier amount on dry hair. Our CLASSIC POMADE is also water reactivatable, which allows for easy re-styling with just a bit of water. And the best part? You get an amazing hold with the simple convenience of rinsing out the product clean and easy. Get that traditional American style with our CLASSIC POMADE, the best water-based pomade on the market.



Hold: Strong
Finish: Gloss
Scent:  Passionfruit

The ‘Deluxe’ is our water-based pomade.    This pomade gives you a medium to strong hold to shape and style and finishes with a glossy sheen. Washes out easily and is water soluble.  Scented with Passionfruit.

Directions:  Towel dry hair, then spread a small amount onto palms and fingertips and apply.


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Our Old School Pomade is based on the classic pomade texture (a perfect balance of greasy, waxy and gummy) but achieved here without the disturbing addition of animal fats and petroleum products.

Instead, unrefined beeswax and shea butter together with the essence of the drought-proof Moroccan argon tree (among others) combine to form a light, breathable styling grease that gives your hair a beautifully moldable, moveable hold.


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Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

With strong hold and just the right amount of shine that doesn’t dry out, this Pomade has it all. The best bit – it washes out with no fuss.

Deluxe Pomade has been designed for the discerning kinda guy who has a particular style in mind. Perfect for timeless, classic looks – such as high pompadours, side parts or slick-back sides.


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Baxter of California Paste Pomade

Paste Pomade delivers a pliable, medium hold that lasts all day and is easily reworked throughout the day. Its lightweight formula is infused with nourishing ingredients such as carnauba wax, botanical humectants, kaolin clay and beeswax to nourish the hair while adding thickness, texture and definition. Achieve a variety of hairstyles with this single pomade or mix and match with any Baxter of California pomade for desired hold or finish.


Smooth Viking Hair Care Pomade

Have you seen those hilarious infomercials that hype up some insane looking product that supposedly does it all? Well, if we had our own infomercial, this would be the product we’d choose.

Our water-based Pomade is insanely good. It provides any hair type a manageable medium hold, and a ridiculously awesome shine that won’t leave you with a bunch of gunk in your hair when you’re back from your world tour.

Looking forward to your cheesy infomercial testimonial.

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Aveda Pure-formance Pomade
Provides strong, pliable hold with excellent control. Water-based, non-greasy formula hydrates, while adding texture and definition.

Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma with certified organic spearmint, vetiver, lavender and other pure flower and plant essences.

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Apothecary 87 Vanilla & MANgo Clay Pomade
This clay pomade is designed to have a medium to strong controllable hold and the manliest of scents, Vanilla & MANgo.
Suitable for all hair types of a short to medium length. For those wanting a matte finish.

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