Franco Hernandez – Drama Queens

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Franco Hernandez is based in sunny Seal Beach, California.
He owns his design studio and works as an educator, platform artist and has been part of published editorial projects worldwide as well as North American hairstyling awards (Naha)
Avant-garde finalist 2016

Franco, who or what inspires your style?
I find great inspiration from those who are passionate about the craft of hair.
I have been able to re-energize myself over the years collaborating with others, trough this I have found my own artistic expressions.

What are your favorite styling products and tools you can’t live without?
I’m by far a product junkie and try them all.
For me the right hairspray and brushes make my world come alive.
My current faves are “Kenra hairspray” and “Bio ionic Boar Collection brushes”

A few of his creations