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Toronto Canada based Norm Wright is a well respected and award-winning stylist.
He describes his work as creating living sculptures.
A few of his gorgeous creations.

How did you originally get into hairdressing?
The ’80s was when I started, hair was at a pivotal moment, as was music, and the 2 were completely connected.
I cut my teeth learning to color mohawks to like slices of watermelon.
It was then that I knew that hairdressers were my kind of people.

Who or what inspires your creations?
My looks are inspired by many things, the work of Xpresions out of Spain, Angelo Seminara, Louis Llongueres, Vidal Sassoon, Jean Baptiste Mazella.
Lately, Iris van Herpen has been a huge influence on me. Her example has made me realize that no matter how important consumer hair is for all of us, WE ALL OWE IT TO OUR TRADE TO HONOR THE CRAFT!
Every time I embark on a collection I try to push my boundaries and go to a place that scares me, a place I haven’t seen before.
That is how I grow.

What are your favorite most used styling products?
My go-to tools right now are the Wahl cordless senior 100th anniversary edition clipper and the Wahl cordless detailer.
I’m going through an afro phase,
3 years ago I had the opportunity to work with Jean Baptiste Mazella, the shapes he created with afro textures opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities we are presented with every day.
It is our responsibility to push our boundaries to pursue and achieve what our beautiful craft deserves.

Any words of wisdom you can give to new aspiring hairstylists?
We are so fortunate to work in an industry where styles are changing constantly, forcing us to push the envelope.
If it doesn’t scare the shit out of you it’s not worth doing!!!
And most importantly,
Never deviate from your mental picture, if it comes from your heart it is always right.