Jeremy Pereira

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

France based Jeremy Pereira is the owner and founder of SUP HAIR STAR Artistic Home. He is the country winner for REVLON STYLE MASTER France 2017 and the international winner for REVLON STYLE MASTER “best commercial look” 2017.

Jeremy, who or what inspires your hair creations?
My inspirations come from architecture particularly Frank Gehry, I love his work. All of Gehry’s creations are breathtaking and defy the laws of gravity. I’m inspired how he creates lines as fluid and light with raw materials such as heavy concrete, metal or glass. This to me is a precious influence in my design of hairdressing and the delicate balance of volumes. Another inspiration is Haute Couture, in particular, Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh for their extraordinary style. 
High-end fashion shows are for me real sources of inspiration, when we are working on runway shows and photo shoots we quickly realize that the styling and hairstyle are two very complimentary aspects and having a good knowledge of top fashion makes it possible to create even sharper, more beautiful and current visuals. Street style is my everyday inspiration. Architecture and Haute Couture make me dream, street style brings me back to reality. What we create and see on the runway and podium versus the everyday life, of course, has a gap but having the knowledge of fashion and the reality of my client’s request are for me the balance and secret of success.

Some of his creations.