Antonin B

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Antonin B is a Paris based professional hair-line created by Kendy Bourguignon Sencee using only certified organic and ethical ingredients.


Sérum du Désert aux Céramides

We can easily agree that taking care of our skin is important. We want to keep it supple, soft and youthful. Why not do the same for our hair?
Antonin .B has pulled together, from the botanical realm, over a dozen of plant based oils and extracts to do just that.
The Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum is a featherweight cocktail of premium organic botanicals. It is formulated to deeply penetrate your hair and makes it stronger, softer and healthier without weighing it down.
It nourishes and rejuvenates dry and color treated hair by replenishing its natural lipids. By smoothing the cuticles on your hair shaft, it combats frizz and porosity which helps maintain moisture in your hair.
The Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum is particularly suitable for dry, color treated or chemically processed hair. It is also ideal for blow dries and heat styling.

Tried and tested: 
This serum is intense yet lightweight.
Just a few drops adds shine and smoothes the hair with a delicious ylang-ylang citrus scent.


Baume Intense au Miel

In order to be healthy, your hair needs a balance of strength, moisture and nutrients. The Intense Honey Butter provides plentiful amounts of the latter two.
Drawing its strength exclusively from botanicals and cruelty free products of the hive, the Intense Honey Butter comes in the form of a rich yet thin hair wax which melts very quickly into a light oil.
The Intense Honey Butter is primarily used as a styling aid to combat frizz and create definition in your hair (for curls, waves and other natural movements in the hair).
Of course, knowing Antonin .B’s philosophy, you know that we care about your hair being as healthy as it is beautiful. Consequently, we formulated the Intense Honey Butter so it may provide deep moisture as well as much needed nutrients to bring softness, elasticity and shine back into your hair.

Tried and tested:
This honey butter works great as a styling product and hair moisturizer.
Just a small pea size amount worked and warmed in the hands and then applied in your chosen style keeps hair looking good and healthy all day.

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