David Bowie – The New York Years

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

 “I have lived in New York longer than I’ ve lived anywhere else. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’m a New Yorker.”
Bowie first visited NYC in 1971 spellbound by the Andy Warhol produced album Velvet Underground and Nico.
 “Downtown was always mythological to me at a young age, this is where the beatniks, beat poets and the early song writers were. It was a musician-writers dream to live in the village.”
He triumphed on Broadway in 1980 with his performance as John Merrick”the elephant man”. This acting debut was greeted by standing ovations. This was sadly around the same time his close friend and co writer of “Fame” John Lennon was  assassinated.
 “New York affords a sense of anonymity to me.” 
The hugely influential shape shifting superstar could spend his time sipping coffee in cafes and browsing his favorites book shops of lower Manhattan virtually unnoticed.
 “It’s easy to be a person here, a regular guy. The New Yorkers are very decent about their interactions with well knowns, the occasional Yo Bowie but that’s about it”
His distinctive ever changing androgynous style will forever continue to inspire and influence  the hair and fashion world.
 “I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.”
Thank You Bowie. Some spirits will never die.