Chicago says no more

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

As of January 1 2017 a new law in Illinois will require salon professionals to receive an hour training “awareness and education” in how to recognize signs of  domestic abuse.
It’s a program called listen, support, connect and was designed by “Chicago says no more” a coalition of domestic violence advocacy groups in partnership with Cosmetologists Chicago.

This new law signed by senator Bill Cunningham -hb4264- aims to take advantage of the often very close and intimate relationships between beauty professionals and our clients.
Stylists however will not be required to report violence and are protected from any liability.

Kristie Paskvan the founder of “Chicago says no more”, says she knows an hour long training won’t make anyone an expert “we’re not asking salon professionals to intervene, we are  just asking them to have the tools in case the clients ask for help or information.”
This Illinois measure is the first of its kind in the country.
The first training sessions will be offered at the industry trade show in Chicago in march 2017.