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TO112 (to-one-one-two) is an honest, conscious lifestyle brand designed for the greater good. Embracing a holistic approach to beauty, their unique range of products nurtures hair, body and surrounding space. They strive to cultivate an experience with your energy and beauty in mind, recognizing science and nature together in harmony. Consequently, it’s in their name. TO112 is an abbreviation for tamanu oil, the ingredient which spearheaded it all, while 112 denotes the first three numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence. Devoted to mindful living, TO112’s beauty formulations are free of harmful ingredients sodium lauryl sulphate, diethanolamine and parabens. Where possible, they embrace packaging that is environmentally kind, and with immense respect for all things living, they vow to never test on animals. As an expression of their loyalty


Tried and tested:
The hair serum is made from Tamanu, Jojoba and Argan oils.
It adds shine, polishes smooths and defrizzes the hair without weighing it down or feel oily.
The serum can be applied on towel dried wet hair protecting from heat styling or dry hair as a final touch after styling.
Apply a few drops warmed in hands from mid length to ends.
A little goes a long way with a delightful citrus clove scent

A moisturizing trio of tamanu oil, argan oil and jojoba oil unite in a lightweight serum formula that mends and maintains all hair types for a flawless blowout and style.
This polishing Serum is the perfect lightweight formula for ultimate shine and a smooth finish. A moisturizing trio of tamanu, argan and jojoba oils unite in a lightweight serum formula that mends and protects all hair types from heat styling for a flawless blowout and style. Apply to wet hair for heat-activated polish or as the final touch to perfect your dry hair look and smooth flyaways.


Tried and tested:
This multi-use texture spray adds volume, texture and grip to the hair.
Perfect for braids and updos and can be layered for the ideal amount of texture. The spray can Also be used in between washings to revive hairstyles.
It does not leave a dry chalky unpleasant feeling or build upon the scalp and has a lovely gentle scent.

TO112 Dry Texture Spray is the multi-use styling spray great hair has been waiting for. Invisible, weightless, long-lasting and free of chalky build-up, this versatile spray creates an effortlessly tousled texture to blowout styles and next day looks. When used on fresh blowouts, the Dry Texture Spray can be layered to add as much grip, grit or texture as desired for that lived-in look. All-day, reactivating volume when applied at the root and easily revived with a light root tousle for an end of day boost. It provides excellent grip for non-slip braids and updos, or when used to help keep hair accessories locked in place. Dry Texture Spray is the best alternative to dry shampoo (the overuse of dry shampoo can lead to thinning hair from clogged root follicles and chalky scalp build-up.) Simply spray and tousle at the root on the second, third (or even fourth) day between washes to revive hairstyles.


Tried and tested:
The strong hold hairspray holds hair perfectly in place while still looking moveable and natural not crunchy or sticky.
Formulated With Tamanu Oil it protects the hair.
Gentle enough for everyday use with light Cedar, Amber and Citrus scent.

Never sticky. Flake-free. Best used for structured, long-lasting styles. Defy gravity and hold hair in place with touchable control. Hair will feel light while maintaining natural movement with lustrous shine.
Formulated with tamanu oil to help protect against the elements, gentle enough for everyday use and safe for colour and keratin treated hair.

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