Style Masters 2018 Global Style Master: MARÍA MONTES CAMPAL

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Asturias, Spain based Maria Montes Campal works behind the chair at Manuel Mon Estillos Salon since 2005 and a trainer and educator across Spain.
Working alongside photographer Bernardo Baragano, she has achieved respect in the publishing and editorial world and fashion companies such as Monica Cordera, Zaitegui and Style Aristos.
In 2016 Maria won the Creative Hairdressing Award given by the Figaro Club and this year Montes took home the much respected and admired Revlon Professional “Global Style Master of the Year 2018”.
We look forward to seeing more of her beautiful creations.

Maria what inspires your hair creations?
I think we must be true and real to ourselves.
I like to work with the beauty that is naturally there and make it glamorous.

What are your favorite styling products at the moment?
I love all Revlon professional products but glamourama spray is my essential.
So what are your plans after your big style masters victory?
My plan at the moment is to continue working hard, creating and learning both in the salon and doing editorial photo work with my photographer.