Sam’s Barbers of Dublin

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Sam’s barbers is a family-owned and run chain of barbershops in Dublin Ireland.
It originally dates back to 1901.
Fourth generation barber brothers James and Sam Donnelly have followed there great grandfathers and fathers footsteps having now  established 5 locations of barbershops that cover all aspects of men’s grooming from classic cuts, hot towel shaves to beard maintenance.
They pride themselves in stocking the biggest and best selection of men’s grooming products in Ireland besides there own fantastic product line Pomp & Co which family tradition dates back to 1945 with there grandfather creating products in the basement of his barbershop.
Did you and your brothers know as kids you wanted to follow your grandfathers footsteps of becoming barbers?
No, initially my brother Sam ironically wanted to be a Fireman and I studied to be a musician.
We soon realised our calling was the family business, this was not only a logical choice but a natural progression; hair and barbering was after all in our blood.

What are your favorite tools? (shears, clippers ,trimmers)
My own favorite tools personally is only 3 items; shears, clippers and comb all my work is done via the traditional “over comb” technique. I never use numbered guards or hair clips, I feel there is no need for them and they only complicated matters, less is more. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve with less.

James, can you tell me a bit more about your staff  male and female barbers working for you ?
We have 9 female barbers and 12 male, we’ve always hired females, in fact our master hot towel shaver is a female barber. Also female barbers are now increasingly becoming more popular and recognized for their skills especially via platforms such as Instagram.