Reno Prezio Conceptual Creations

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman


Reno Prezio is an award winner and finalist of many hairdressing competitions such as NAHA, Beacon, Contessa and Stylemasters.
He’s Canadian born but traveled and worked in Europe for various companies to further gain experience and knowledge with hairstyling.
Reno currently works an educator at “Bellus the School San Diego” in California.
He practices his passion for art in his daily life whether it be hairdressing or his love for painting.
He finds inspiration through his personal paintings and experiences and translates these ideas to his haircuts, styling and creations.

What are your favorite styling products at the moment?
I love using Wella and Sebastian. The Wella leave in conditioner enrich is what I use before any haircut. It helps me take clean sections for making my precise haircuts. I also like using their root shoot for pre styling. And then they’re flexible finish just to touch it up at the end for movement.

Can you tell me a bit more about your painting?
I’ve only been painting a few years now. When I turned 30 I found out I could draw pretty good. Soon as I found that out I never stopped. And it slowly turned  into painting. I mostly paint with acrylic. And I’ll paint whatever I think is beautiful. I paint a lot of my friends, I get ideas from photographers. Basically, I see art in everything. And that’s how my photographer and I come up with our crazy ideas for photo shoot’s.