Redhead Redhot

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

The term “redhead” has been around since at least 1510.
Red hair occurs naturally in only 2%of the human population and appears mostly in people with two copies of a recessive allele on chromosome 16, which produces an altered version of the MCIR protein.
In different hues from deep burgundy, auburn to burnt orange, red-copper through to strawberry blonde, these ginger heads throughout history have been feared, loathed, admired and adored.
It is said that in the Egyptian days redheads were buried alive as sacrifices to the god Osiris and the ancient Greeks believed redheads turned into vampires after they died.
During the Middle Ages it was believed anyone with flame colored hair had stolen the fire from hell and had to be burned as a witch but fortunately not all had this ginger phobia , redheads were also admired especially as royalty as it was believed it gave them special magic powers and many of the old painting masters adored redheads as there models for there fair skin and sensuality.
Red hair has high levels of pheomalanin and low levels of eumelanin and is harder to color as it holds its pigment more, these ginger tresses also don’t or barely turn grey with age.
Some of our favorite beautiful red hot looks