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Laurent Decreton
L’Oréal Hairstyling Ambassador and Artistic Director at Haute Coiffure Française. Laurent is not only artistic, he is also a champion in the hairdressing world. Passionate as much about fashion as about hairstyling, Laurent has worked on shows for the greatest Parisian couture houses


2-day course + 1 day Art & Culture inspiration 


To understand the nature of hair, control volumes and textures, the art of the bun and innovation in the tradition of cut and styling techniques.
An artistic course to acquire perfect method and techniques.
Business + : increase the prices of your casual chic service (styling and buns)

3 -day Advanced seminar
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As a complementary courtesy: An Inspiration tour in Paris

An unexpected experience

As a gift, a full day of immersion at the end of the course in the world of the Arts and Culture in Paris, to develop your culture and fashion talk with clients in your salon.

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