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Rahua products were created after Fabian Lliguin, a renowned hair stylist and colorist in NYC had visited the Amazon rainforest as an environmentalist educating indigenous people about their human and land rights when he realized he was surrounded by women with fantastically long, luscious hair.
The women told him the secret was Rahua oil which has been used for many centuries by members of the tribes who live deep within the rainforest to nourish the skin and hair.
The women gave him a bottle which he transported back to NYC with him and used it on a client with extremely dry damaged hair at his 5th Avenue salon and after leaving the oil on for 10 minutes her hair was totally transformed, he knew he had something very special in his hands that needed to be handled with much respect
He and his wife and business partner an NYC fashion designer launched the Rahua brand drawing on the wisdom of the tribes to formulate their line of innovative, plant-based products to heal, nourish and beautify hair and skin
Today more than 500 families from the Quechua-Shuar Achuar and neighboring tribes work with Fabian and Anna to cultivate the rain forest grown ingredients used in the Rahua hair and body care line.


Tried and tested: 
The classic Rahua shampoo is extremely restorative to the hair, you will be amazed after even just one time use how soft, shiny and silky your hair will feel with a delightful palo santo scent.

Formulated with rare, sustainably sourced ingredients, this rich, restorative shampoo leaves hair soft, silky, and luminous, and scalp soothed. Made with omega-9 rich Rahua oil and naturally scented with the fresh, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo oil, this cult-favorite formula is concentrated and will keep scalp in balance—not too oily, and not too dry.

Best for all hair types.


Tried and tested: 
This classic conditioner deeply nourishes without weighing hair down.
Packed with omega 9 rich Rahua oil it strengthens and smooths the hair with their delightful signature Palo santo scent.
The classic conditioner can also be used as a leave on treatment.

An enriching and luxurious complement to our Rahua® Classic Shampoo, this award-winning Conditioner delivers lustrous, rich and ultra-hydrated hair. Omega-9-rich Rahua oil acts as a detangler and exotic extracts maintain strong hair and a healthy scalp. Can also be used as a lightweight styling cream to smooth, tame frizz and flyaways, and add hold.

Best for all hair types.


Tried and tested: 
This leave in treatment is super protective and healing to the hair and scalp
Perfect in use with styling tools as a heat protectant or on air dry hair as an antifrizz as it helps prevent breakage and split ends.

Protective and healing, this flexible anti-frizz treatment—perfect whether you style with hot tools or air dry—delivers remarkable shine, shields hair from stress, and prevents breakage and split ends. Crafted using omega-9-rich Rahua oil, it acts as a heat protectant, guards hair from the stress of blowdrying and styling tools and adds definition and separation when air drying.

Best for all hair types.


Tried and tested: 
This versatile lightweight cream wax is non greasy.
It adds hold, height, texture and definition to short hair and control and manageability to longer hair with a clean gentle Palo Santo oil scent.

Made of plant-based ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, this versatile, modern hair cream offers low-key shine and pliable hold. Effective at fighting frizz, the non-greasy formula adds height, texture, and definition to short hair and control and manageability to long hair. Naturally scented with the fresh, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo oil.

Best for all hair types.