Queen Anne Veck

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Anne Veck is the creative brand ambassador for Revlon professional UK and Ireland and a key member of Revlon 2016 London fashion week team.
She is the British hairdressing award southern hairdresser of the year 2016 and winner of Revlon style masters global award 2016 and best photo AIPP award 2016/2017.
As well as owning 2 salons(Anne Veck Salon) in Oxford and Bicester UK.
She captures and inspires her audiences worldwide with her education and platform work, along with many photographic editorials published in numerous international magazines.
Charismatic Veck is truly one of the most creative Avant-Garde masters and iconic hair artist in the world.
A huge inspiration and mentor to many.

What have you been up to lately?
I’ve been preparing for my BHA Southern shoot which is in 2 weeks. I like to shoot early , so I’ve already finished my entries for Avant garde and Afro. But I also have in the pipe line a big show in Brazil in September (Beauty Fair in Sao Paolo), and I’m already collecting ideas and creating mood boards for it! Plus lots of education for Revlon Professional and at Aston & Fincher.

How did you originally get into hairstyling?
I fell in it a bit by mistake, family situation forcing me to leave school at 16 and get a job! My mum’s hairdresser in our nearby town, Tours, was looking for an apprentice…the rest is history! I trained at the Academie de Paris where I qualified with the Brevet Professionnel Coiffure Mixte in 1984 at the age of 21.

Who or what inspires you?
The team Haute Coiffure Francais and the work of Alexandre de Paris, Very inspiring with a lot of emotion in their work. You can feel the real passion. In UK Sam Mc Knight, Guido Palau. I follow all the fashion weeks as the work is very on trend and gets you thinking out of the box. I’m fortunate to work with the rest of the guys in the Revlon Professional artistic team quite often , they are a incredibly talented bunch and really keep me on toes! .

What are your favorite products always in your kit?
Hairspray Modular no2 from the Style Master range from Revlon Professional. It has a medium hold but is easy to work with and dry instantaneously. The new Dry Shampoo from Uniq One range. I love the smell and it has no residue.

Anne, what do you enjoy to do in your free time, if you ever have free time, haha ?
Running, creating weird and wonderful avant garde hairstyles.

What advice would you give to new aspiring stylists?
Don’t be afraid of hard work and when you have a project, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. It will make it perfect.

A selection of some her creations.

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