POLYCHROMA COLLECTION – SHY+FLO by Shayna & Florian Knitte

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

I want to share this MYTHIKA …AN AVANTGARDE COLLECTION – SHY+FLO by Shayna & Florian Knitte

POLYCHROMA combines twoworlds in one concept.SHY+FLO take a look at the Far Eastand the strong contrasts in countriesas China and Japan.On the one hand, centuries oftradition, on the other, the rapidprogress that is changing the worldin hyper speed almost like in ascience fiction film.
Thus, the dark strong hair contrastswith the parts with bright colortransitions.
SHY+FLO’s color palette was inspired by the luminous vasecollection SHIBUYA from KARTELL, which juxtaposes strong colours indelimited panels.The vases are made of luminous plastic with a high gloss and polish effect.SHY+FLO incorporated these characteristics into the design of this color.
All spectral colors line up next to each other with an enormous luminosity andvisibly stand out against the black canvas background.
POLYCHROMA shows the same hair style in 4 different aggregate states. 

Photography : John Rawson
Assisted : Paul Gill @ trp
Postproduction: Hume Retouching
Hair :SHY+FLO by Shayna & Florian Knittel
Styling:Edgar Balseca
Makeup: Nicola Fischer