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No Pong is proudly founded and made in Australia all-natural effective deodorants.
No Pong is Paraben, Aluminium, cruelty and plastic-free.
These Anti-odourants come in a tin and are applied like a cream or lotion just a small dab on the fingertips and apply evenly to the armpits.
With ingredients like cornstarch, coconut oil and beeswax along with natural ingredients designed to absorb sweat and odor while still allowing your skin to breath these deodorants are truly effective and healthy to use, available in Original Bicarbonate based with a fresh gender-neutral Lemongrass and Citrus with a hint of Vanilla scent, bicarb free for sensitive skin with an extra light scent, Spicy Chai available with or without bicarbonate with gender-neutral woodsy Notes and a hint of sugar and spice and fragrance-free Vegan low bicarb with nourishing vitamin E.
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