MON SHAMPOING – Intense nourishing mask

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This natural mask enriched with Vegetable Keratin, Coconut and Camellia oils is formulated without Paraben, Silicone. It intensely nourishes dry and/or damaged hair in depth while perfuming your hair with a delicious apricot scent. The Camellia oil coats and strengthens your hair, making it soft and easy to style.


MON SHAMPOING - Intense nourishing mask

Tried and tested:

This Intense nourishing hair mask is free from paraben and silicone. It’s deeply hydrating with vegetable keratin. Coconut and camellia oil. For ultimate results use 1-2 weekly on clean hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Your hair will feel silky soft with a delightful apricot scent.