Mohawks: The Sequel

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

This side shave center strip hairstyle has been around a very long time.
Artwork and findings have been discovered dating back to 600 BC depicting Scythian warriors wearing this hair style.
A preserved Mohawk dating back to 393 BC of a donycavan man was discovered in Ireland.
The 16th century Cossacks would shave the sides of theirs heads when going to war wearing braids or in a top knot making it more difficult for the opposing tribe to take the hair as a trophy.
Of course it was the native Pawnee and Mohawk tribes of the Iroquois confederation that gave us the name
of this hair style.
The late 70’s and 80’s punk and goth movement used this look as a non conformity expression, luckily with the development of today’s hair styling products we can replace the glue, egg whites, cornstarch and gelatin.
This hair-do still holds up today in many various shapes and ways from tribal to punky, from psychobilly quiff to fashion faux-hawks and avant-garde creations.

Some of our favorites.