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I want to share this MA-RI Collection by ENRIQUE SERRANO

Mari or Maddi is the main goddess of Basque mythology, a female divinity who lives in the peaks of the Basque mountains and represents Mother Earth, the one who provides everything.

Therefore, she is related to fertility, food, crops and rain. She also means justice, severity, generosity, kindness, beauty, respect, values and attitude. All this mythological inspiration is transported by the hairdresser to the great Bilbao, a suggestive city, with that strong image and with such a characteristic style that it does not go unnoticed.

In this collection, hair takes to the streets with all kinds of shapes and textures, from the softest to the most frizzy and rebellious, imitating hair full of moisture, very common in the city, where water is the main part. This collection, so personal, is a clear example of how a grey and dark city can be transformed into a modern and stylish one, and this is reflected in each image created. Short afros, bobs, natural updos and blunt waves with bangs, a fusion of wearable and real looks to flatter any hair style with quick and easy techniques.

With this collection, Enrique Serrano presents the new luxury brand for hair Li:OH and dedicates these images to his sister and his city, Bilbao.

Hair: ENRIQUE SERRANO @ique.s Salón Gaudí @salongaudi
Hair Assistant: Nelson Wawizevsky @nelwawizevsky
Photography: Alisa Andrei @alisa_andrei
Retouche: Alisa Andrei @alisa_andrei
MUA: Lucia Camarena @lucaamakeup @luci.looks
Styling: Nerea Argüeso @phoenix_and_patx
Designers: Madrubb @madrubb / Andrés Gallardo @andresgallardofficial / Miriam Ocariz @miriamocarizmiguel / Isabel Zapardiez @isabelzapardiez / Eder Aurre @ederaurreofficial / Pablo Gangoiti @pablo.g.berrizbeitia
Models: Jennifer Bucovineaunu @jenniferbucovineaunu / Victoria López @missvictoriacrz / Libe Urkixo @liveurkixo / Arbile D’Aruzel @arbiledaruzel
Products: LI:OH @liohproducts