Luke Benson Hair Ltd

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Luke Benson holds the tittle “London hairdresser of the year award 2016” and is finalist in two categories at this years “Behind the Chair Awards”.
He was winner of creative head award IT Guy 2015, Fellowship for British hairdressing F.A.M.E. Team 2015, British hairdressing awards finalist 2014 and 2013  and Wella professional trend vision 2013.
He travels the world teaching and inspiring many with his technical creative skills and platform artistry.
His hair creations have been featured on fashion runways and in numerous international editorial layouts.
Recently  Luke has started his new venture “Luke Benson Hair Ltd” as well as remaining a signed artist at Carol Hayes management.

So you are based in London correct?
Yes, however my new venture allows me to travel far and wide which I love. Whether it be a show or education, having the ability to travel with your job is amazing. My Agency work is also really diverse and can be on a job anywhere.
Luke how did you originally get into hairstyling?
I fell into it really. I went to a proper salon once when I was younger rather than a barbershop and just loved the whole vibe, it looked like everyone was having fun rather than working! I did my research and realised Clipso, run by the late Terry Calvert, was pretty much on my doorstop and that was 14 years ago and I’m still doing hair so it worked out pretty well!
What or who inspires your hair creations?
Anything and anyone. I buzz off people’s creativity and it’s so easy to share and see eachothers work nowadays with social media that ideas are always in my head. This industry is incredible and the more we share the better it will get.
What are your favorite styling products at the moment?
I don’t necessarily have any favourites, there are so many incredible brands that now I’m session styling my kit is full of key pieces from so many different ranges. I love my Mizutani scissors and some of my hot tools more than products if I’m honest.