London School of Barbering’s Barberella

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Bryony Holman is the only female and leading educator at London School of Barbering.
After enrolling and completing the NVQ2 course over the summer of 2016, where she excelled in learning and understanding the fundamental techniques in men’s hair cutting and the speed at which she was able to do these precise cuts blew the LSB educator team away so when Bryony graduated from the course she was asked to come on board as an educator at the school.
Now over two years later she is perceived as an exceptional, favorable, creative and highly inspiring teacher by the students at LSB.


How did you originally get into hairstyling?
After completing a two-year course in hairdressing 11 years ago, I discovered that I had a passion far hair. However, that passion for hair was very short lived, as I started working in care for 8 years. I committed to a role at charity run organisation; Leonard Cheshire Disability. This organisation is dedicated to supporting disabled people in the UK and around the world to fulfil their potential and live the lives they choose. I did find this role challenging and rewarding, however I was offered a job in a barbershop through a friend just over 18 months ago, as they knew that I had a passion for hair and had done a hair course many years ago.
Being offered this job in a barbershop instantly motivated me to book a course at London School of Barbering. It gave me the push to leave my care job and learn the trade of barbering at London’s leading academy and go back to my routes of hair.

I am happy to see over the last few years we have many more female barbers around the world. Would you say you have more female students these days than in the past?
Since teaching at London School of Barbering, I’ve seen a gradual incline of females coming into the industry. A lot of the females that I have taught or that have come through LSB have always given great feedback and loved their experience at London School of Barbering. I have noticed through word of mouth, there has been a noticeable increase in girls in our classes. This is great to see that females are realising that the barbering industry welcomes females and it is not a male dominated industry.

Bryony, what are your favourite working tools at the moment?
My favourite barber tools are the shears, clippers and combs. At the moment, I love doing scissor cuts and fading. Recently, I have been getting into more foil fades. I enjoy the challenge of blending, but I have to say I love to see the final finish of a scissor over comb scissor cut.

Favourite men’s styling products?
I love to use so many different products because I love creating new and different styles with different finishes. From wet to dry looks, I don’t ever think you should stick to one type as every hair type and texture is different. Having said that, I love a wet look on dark hair, so I would say my favourite styling products are creams and pomades.

What advice would/do you give to new aspiring barbers?
My advice to aspiring barbers would be, you never stop learning, as there is no right or wrong way. Everybody cuts differently and everybody teaches differently. Just absorb and take in as much as you can and always push yourself out of your comfort zone to test your skills and continuously better yourself as a barber. And most importantly stay humble.