Lachanda Gatson

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Lachanda Gatson started her career in the competitive hair world of Atlanta as a stylist for the Trumpet Awards and a platform artist for Vitale pro product line over 21 years ago.
She has worked as a stylist for Paul Mitchell Concept Salons as well as lead hair and makeup for several film and tv productions.
She recently won the international bang style “Supreme Hairstylist “award and Most Creative Stylist of Orange County fashion week, her edgy unique designs have also been seen in New York and Los Angeles fashion week as well as editorial and bridal designs in various publications.

Lachanda you are based in Los Angeles, correct?
Yes, I’m based in LA. I’m a freelance artist that travels all over the US creating. I hope one day to travel the world doing what I love and being even more inspired by all different cultures.

Who or what inspires your hair creations?
My inspiration comes from being able to transform. 
Taking a blank canvas and turning it into something magnificent like I do with Art, being an Artist helps because my ideas and creativity are endless. I love when I have full creative freedom, I go into my zone and that’s where the creative juices start to flow.

What are your favorite styling tools and products at the moment?
I cant live without my curling wand and dry bar curlers. I find myself leaning towards natural based products, I love Moroccan Oil luminous and spray for hold.