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Tried and tested: 
This lovely hair sunscreen spray will keep our strands safe and protected from the pool, beach and sunshine days ahead.
Personally with fine hair, I choose to spray a spritz or two in my hands and work it through my hair as a little goes a long way with this concentrated sun saver. A fresh and clean summery scent.

Keep your hair safe from harm. KeraStraight Protect delivers up to 8 times natural protection from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays and includes advanced polymers to protect against the harmful effects of salt water and chlorine.

This amazing lightweight spray has been designed to protect all hair types and will help guard against colour fade as well protecting the hair’s health and condition.


Tried and tested: 
This nutrient rich deep condition treatment is made with the moisturizing ingredients palmeira tucuma and carob bean extract.
After a long day of fun in the sun and sea this is a perfect hydrator for the hair.
It leaves my hair feeling super soft, shiny and healthy with a light clean scent.

Repair / Renew / Hydrate
Moisture Mask is a highly concentrated treatment packed with lightweight moisture capturing ingredients Palmeira Tucuma and Carob Bean Extract. This nutrient-rich mask repairs & re-hydrates dry and damaged hair, leaving it feeling sumptuously soft and renewed with sensational shine.


Tried and tested: 
The protein mask is made of a blend of hydrolyzed wheat proteins to repair fine, weak, sun and pool damaged hair.
A once a week treatment of this protein saver has left my fine dry hair feeling stronger, super soft and shiny with a light fresh scent.

Repair / Renew / Reconstruct
Protein Mask is an advanced blend of hydrolysed wheat proteins, designed to repair and reconstruct your hair. It forms a protein net which transforms fine, weak and damaged hair, leaving behind hair that shines, is significantly stronger and incredibly soft to touch.

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