James Abu Ulba Method Education

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Vancouver based James Abu Ulba was born into a family of hairstylists so following this path was only natural for him.
He is the artistic director and has written fundamental and advanced training programs for the Utopia Group and is a member of the Davines International Artistic Team(DAT)
He has ran 3 of the top salons in Vancouver and in 2015 started his education company “Method Education ”

James, can you tell me a little more about your method education?
I found that I had a passion for sharing ideas many years ago. I have had the privilege of being trained by many inspiring teachers/mentors that taught me; to truly learn you have to share, not just some of it… all of it.
By giving everything you have to constantly be training and pushing yourself to new levels. It’s to easy to keep secrets and become comfortable. If you give your students your all it not only pushes yourself forward but the industry.
Method.Education was created to share methods. Not just mine but others.
If I were to self brand, what happens when I’m gone? What’s important is the vision that was created and that the journey is carried on from generation to generation.
I don’t think names move the industry forward as much as technique, philosophy, morals and integrity .
I’ve met many talented educators who were independent and didn’t have a support of a manufacturer to share their talents outside their own community. I’m looking for them and I want them to contact me as well. I want to share their knowledge and experience with others.
That being said Method.Education as strong foundation of elevation courses that include:
Harmony: working with cutting & color in unity
At the end of the day Method.Education’s core value is about elevating others.

What are your favorite styling products at the moment?
Right now and for literally the last 10 years it has been Davines. More specifically a range of products called “Your Hair Assistant” created in partnership with Angelo Seminara. I find it is the most multi dimensional range in the market today.

Who or what inspires your hair creations?
There isn’t one specific force of inspiration.
I’m constantly inspired by my son and how he sees the world, my wife who challenges me to think differently. I’m inspired by Mother Nature, the supreme artist.
I’ve been inspired by other hairdressers not by their work specifically but how they challenge me to think about hair “how did they achieve this?”
Also photography, light within the photos more specifically.
An emotion, “a way of thinking” inspired me for my PARADIGM collection. Each model was shot weeks apart so that my thought process was in a different space with each model.
Inspiration is all around us, we need to be open to all of it or we begin to limit our true potential.
Working with a team that inspires you is essential. In my most recent collections I work with a truly inspiring colorist Christina Dominelli who can bring a vision to life
A thought that I have and like to share is “With the possibilities of the imagination, imagine the possibilities “

A few of his creations.