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New Wash Original: Sulfate-Free Shampoo Alternative

Tried and tested:
New wash is the original sulfate Free alternative to shampoos, It cleanses the hair without detergents.
New wash does not foam, it has a thick and creamy consistency that is applied generously from the scalp to the ends of hair and massaged with the fingers or shower brush to activate the cleansing ingredients.
New wash is available in oil be gone, original and extra conditioning there is no need to use conditioner after new wash as the high-quality essential oils and natural cleansers leave hair smooth, soft and detangled.
New wash is suitable for all hair types thick, fine, straight, curly and color-treated in fact using new wash creates longer-lasting color from less color fading and stripping.
This breakthrough shampoo replacement is available in refill pouches and a reusable aluminum pump bottle, helping reduce plastic waste.
It takes a moment to get used to this new way of haircare but you will be amazed at the results with happy, shiny, soft healthy hair.

People are only now waking up to the fact that shampoo is the worst product you can use on your hair. The parabens and sulfates in shampoo over-cleans and strips away your body’s natural protective oil barrier; your body responds by over-producing oil. You slather on conditioner to replace some of the moisture that was stripped away, and before you know it you’re feeling greasy again because your scalp has been busy protecting itself as it attempts to replenish natural oils. It is a perfect, vicious cycle that is great for shampoo companies but horrible for your hair and scalp.

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