Hair Voodoo – Emmanuel Esteban

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

French born Emanuel Esteban is UK based the last five years working as “Style Director ” at Ann Veck Oxford’s salon.
We love his truly unique hair creations.

Emmanuel, what have you been up to lately?
I’ve been busy working several shows backstage at fashion week as well as presenting a look onstage at pro hair live Manchester.
I have reentered style masters UK this year after being runner up last year.

What products are always in your kit?
Unique one dry shampoo by Revlon professional. It refreshes and rejuvenates hair between washes and great for sculpting.
Master hairspray modular is an ultra fast drying and brush able formula and American crew wax controls like a gel finishes like a wax. 

What or who inspires your creations?
When I’m creating a collection I want to share a feeling or emotion, the inspiration can come from many things, nature, an ancient civilization or even a type of music or song.
I think when you are a creative spirit you can get inspiration from anything.
I don’t ever want to reproduce anything I have seen done by other hairstylists.
This is not my cup of tea.
I have my own personality and style and I like my work to reflect that.