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For a Japanese woman to become a geisha she must go through a strict apprenticeship.
There are 5 different hairstyles worn by a Maiko, 3 to denote the level of apprenticeship she is on and 2 for special occasions.
The hair gets washed and styled once a week into intricate chignons using different traditional hair ornaments called “Kansashi” in the shape of fans, flowers, ball-shaped ornaments, combs and colorful rice paper based on the style, month, season and celebrations such as reaching a level of maturity, New Years, Cherry dance season and dance performances.
The Maikos(apprentices) sleep with their head on a wooden box with a small pillow called an “Omaku ” to keep their intricate updos intact.
Once reaching Geisha level the women are allowed to wash their hair regularly and sleep on a normal pillow, but the Geishas must have at least 3 human hair wigs in different styles for different occasions that get cared for twice a month by the wig maker.
A few looks that we love of this beautiful ancient Japanese tradition.