Gabriel cosmetics

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Gabriel cosmetics has been around since 1992 created by founder and CEO Gabriel de Santino
All of there products are 100% natural, gluten free and vegan with all eco friendly packaging.

Red Seaweed Purifying Gel Cleanser

Tried and tested: 
This cleansing gel lathers well for a deep purifying face wash with a clean fresh scent.

An invigorating and purifying gel cleanser with the added benefits of red seaweed designed to deep-cleanse and refine skin surface.

Red Seaweed Purifying Tonic

Tried and tested: 
The seaweed tonic is a refreshing herbal infused spray using rosemary, menthol and camphor to keep overactive pores clean and unclogged.

Gabriel Organics Red Seaweed Purifying Tonic is a purifying and pore-refining tonic that includes red seaweed for its known antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Herbal infusions of rosemary, menthol and camphor help unclog pores.

Red Seaweed Moisturizer

Tried and tested: 
The seaweed moisturizer is a non oily super light moisturizer for problematic skin with break outs
The healing, antibacterial and balancing affect from the red seaweed helps skin stay clear and healthy.

Gabriel Organics Red Seaweed Moisturizer is a weightless, non-oily moisturizer for skin that tends to clog and breakout from conventional moisturizers. Red seaweed provides an antibacterial and balancing effect on skin, seaweed offers healing benefits and regulate oil production. The result is a fresh, healthy complexion with a velvety, matte appearance.

Marine Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Tried and tested: 
This marine eye cream is light and soothing for the delicate eye area great for fine lines and puffiness.
It can be used at night or daily even under make up.

A very light and soothing eye treatment containing seaweed and safflower seed oil to supply continuous moisture to the delicate eye area. Vitamins provide anti-wrinkle and firming benefits while selected botanical extracts and herbs help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Gabriel Hydrating Mask

Tried and tested: 
This super hydrating cooling biodegradable fiber mask is lovely and refreshing leaving skin looking happy, hydrated and glowy.

This revolutionary Hydrating Mask is made of a biodegradable plant based fiber that contours perfectly to the face sealing in vital moisture that dull, lackluster skin craves. Pyrus Malus (Apple) extract has been added for its moisturizing properties and amazing ability to scavenge free radicals, which helps to protect against premature aging. Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) extract contains beneficial vitamins and minerals essential for healthy, glowing skin. After just one application skin will be noticeably more soft and supple.

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