Florent Debruxelles Naturally Unconventional

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman


Paris based Florent Debruxelles is naturally unconventional in his passion and creations.
Florent was finalist and Silver Medal winner at “The Big One Tribu-te Awards” 2016 and finalist at “L’Oreal Professional Nuit de la Coiffure” 2016.
He has collaborated on many international projects and events and his work has been featured in fashion shows, studio and editorial shoots and TV shows.
Florent Debruxelles is co-owner of “Angel Studio” in the beautiful 17th arrondissement of Paris.

What are your favourite styling products at the moment?
“Crêpage de chignon” and “ColorFullHair” from l’Oréal Professionnel.

Florent, who or what inspires your creations?
My inspirations are nature: water, fire, wind, clouds … Lights and sounds are the first. Shapes, volumes, materials, degrees, colors to infinity, allow an interpretation that is constantly renewable.
My inspirations also come from encounters with various artists such as the nocturnal creature of the crazy nights of Ibiza, a wire-cutter met in New York (Skye Ferrante), a cabaret artist (Solange), or a reviewer Lola of the Folies Mugler)and many more.
During a trip to New York, I discovered my first “Cabinet de Curiosité” (Evolution) and obviously I understand that I belong to this world.
Last year, during the “Crisis Festival” I was part of a performance “Tranimal Hair Cabinet” inspired by Leigh Bowery who is considered a major figure of art and fashion in the 1980’s in New York, he was an amazing and unique multidisciplinary artist. He said this wonderful phrase: “If you’re hunchbacked, put glitter on it and go party, accept yourself.” The Tranimals use deformity to show that anyone can be beautiful, if given the chance.
We often tend to fall into the trap of “what we believe to be” or “what we should be”. The idea is to create a moment where everyone can be free to reset their counters.
Be what you want, because you can … “Different is Beautiful”