Emmanuel Esteban: Million Eyes

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Huge congratulations to Emmanuel Esteban from Anne Veck Salons Oxford, U.K. for taking home the Avant-Garde title British Hairdressing Awards 2017 with this amazing collection “Million Eyes”.

“This collection makes us feel the way people look at our differences.
We are seized with a feeling of oppression that contrasts with the soft tones of the blond-haired organic-inspired hairstyles.
In this collection the inspiration resulting from nature and the processes that it generates, who allowed to create compositions that merge with the hair. These organic shapes and volumes that merge from the hair allow us to imagine, beyond a natural evolution, a singular and different beauty.
A strength and a beauty that combines with a fragility of unique character altered by the fact that they are different, for the moment.”

“To open the mind about the importance of the concept of tolerance and respect, tomorrow is another day and nobody should have to hide away.”