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There are essentially three ways to hold Eblade scissors: Classic, Eastern and Inverted grip – all of which have unique advantages.
The inverted ergonomic grip is a tried and tested method, developed and used globally alongside the classic grip. It offers open cutting angles with ease, allowing you to be more creative and invent your own styles.
Featuring a unique stabilizing bar, eBlade provide a complete hand-to-scissors integration for the ultimate balance, stability, and precision during cutting.
Handcrafted from VG-10 steel by our master, utilizing traditional scissorsmith and Hamaguri sharpening techniques from Japan, eBlade is ergonomically designed to help express yourself. The weight of the handle is calibrated for High leverage providing a powerful cutting action. The eBlade performance will give you a long lasting smooth cutting experience.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Eblade founder and owner Hair Master Robert Masciave about these unique shears.

Robert, can you tell me how and why you originally decided to create Eblade scissors?
I had been developing Eblades for over 7 years as a concept of adding multiple ways for hairdressers to hold our shears as well as the traditional way to have a more creative and healthier career.
Eblades with its 3 principal grips (classic, eastern and inverted) greatly reduces and avoids RSI( repetitive strain injury) and CTS ( carpal tunnel syndrome)
But after I had a bike accident in 2017 when I broke both my wrists and elbow and underwent 2 major surgeries and the Eblades helped me to get back to work on my clients much faster than I would have otherwise, I realized that this design would also greatly benefit other stylists, so I decided to produce them.
For example, while browsing on Instagram posts I came across a very talented stylist in the US who had recently had an accident and had to have her right index finger amputated, I contacted her and sent her an Eblade scissor because I knew the stabilizing bar would allow her to cut hair again with stability.
We did an education class via Skype to show her the Eblade ways and she’s loving them.

Congrats! I see you received the 2018 NHF Best Innovation of the Year Winner!
What are the future plans for Eblades?

We plan to invite national and international hair schools and platforms to intergrade Eblades and its features so that future generations of stylists will also have better and healthier careers and we will be producing an Eblades version for hair students to learn from the beginning to master its multiple grips. I want to revolutionize the way we cut hair.