Detlef Gehlhaar – Headhunter Salon Bremen

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Bremen, Germany based Detlef Gehlhaar has been in the hair business over 40 years, he is the senior art director for Headhunter
Back in 2003, Detlef had a hair burn out and decided he needed a break, he met Tim Hartley in 2005 and a completely new universe opened up for Detlef and remembered why he chose this profession.
This big change resulted in Detlef selling his multiple branches of Headhunter salons in Berlin and Hannover and kept the one in Bremen with the intention of focusing on strictly high-end beauty.
He has had multiple German hair awards and became German hairdresser of the year in 20017 and is nominated for International Hairdresser of the Year 2018 with his collection “Colorythm”

Detlef, how did you originally get into hairdressing?
Being a hairdresser has always been the only profession that I intended to pursue, I never thought of doing anything else.

Who or what inspires your creations?
Of course, the work of Vidal Sasson, over and over again, the German Bauhaus, the golden cut, perfect proportions.
Important are nature and a clear sight on the horizon in order to let my creativity flow.

What advice would you give new and aspiring hairdressers?
Never use your scissors to only shorten hair, always use it like Michelangelo used his working tools, every creation should be a work of art.