In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Bettina as an extraordinary French photographer.
She has photographed countless of women both famous and not always sublimating and bringing out ones deepest beauty.
Her newest exhibition held at the “châteaux de Vincennes and de Cadillac” near Paris France shows the troubling realism and beauty of female inmates across penitentiaries in France.
The exhibition and book feature photographs of 60 females incarcerated.

A woman in prison forgets her identity and loses sight of her femininity, with barely any mirrors or a mans gaze.

Bettina put together a group of hairstylists and make up giving these ladies a little window of pleasure reminding them who they are and having a beautiful photo to share with family and friends

That of a femininity found again, for a little while.

Make sure to catch this amazing exhibit till April 30th.

More info here.