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I want to share the new "Optic Collection" by Danny Pato.

Optic is the latest collection from 2021 International Hairdresser of the Year, Danny Pato.
 Photographed by Mara Sommer, Optic was inspired by the 1960s: Op Art, fashion, architecture and a monochromatic palette. “I wanted to take some of the movements and obsessions of the 60s – space travel.
New Wave and rebellion – and reimagine them for today”, said Pato. Hair is the collection is high-contrast black and white. A long bob (lob) has shattered layers of black and white; finger-waves are set to create a finger-like illusion; a shorter haircut has disconnected layers that integrate into each other to create a choppy effect; long dead straight hair, half-and-half black and white, features playful polka dots; curly hair is fully brushed out big and voluminous to catch the air; a sleek bowl cut is contrasted with a long, structured panels.
 The scale and patters of the dresses, designed by Pato, create playful optical illusions for the viewer.