Chrystofer Benson: Hair is my Canvas

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

American Color Super Star Chrystofer Benson is a Matrix global artistic director and an international award-winning colorist as well as  a fantastic editorial stylist.
He has launched his own brand of products and education at CBC- Chrystofer Benson Collective.
He is creative, visionary and passionate with platform, educational and editorial work.
He’s an avid competitor with many titles in cutting, color and styling including 4 NAHA wins.

How did you get into hairstyling originally?
I have family in the business and my family suggested I do it- I was very reluctant at first and then fell in love with my career.
What are your favorite styling products?
Matrix style link.
Chrystofer, What or who inspires your creations?
I get inspired by the things I see on my travels – Mother Nature sunrises and sunsets for color- architecture for lines and the textures all around us.

A few of his creations.

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