In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

South African borne Candice McKay has a hair career ranging from hairdressing, education and freelancing for magazines and the film industry.
She is the owner of “Wyatt Hairdressing and Barbering ” in Johannesburg since 2007.
Candice holds many awards including the Davines World Style Awards 2010, Best Video at Mirror Awards 2017, Best Artistic Team of the Year 2017, Irish Hair Awards, Best Women’s Collection 2017, TCT Awards Tenerife, AIPP Award 2017 for Best Video and is currently a nominee for International Hairdresser of the Year 2018.

Candice is an “International Ambassador for Davines”


We million starlings are the murmuration.
We, the murmuration, sculpt the air.
No starling leads us, no starling follows. We cooperate in the synchronised democracy of nature.
We paint in all dimensions, we transcend your man-made geometry.
We are the spirit of sunset. We bathe in the last light of day.
We feel the wind, we feel the sky.
We shape nature, we are nature. We create the beautiful, we become the beautiful.
We revel in our multitude. Together we are our art.

There are energies that arrange atoms into diamonds.
There are ideologies that inspire humans into nations
But what sacred intellect composes starlings into murmurations?

We twist and swoop to feel the substance of space.
We tumble and ripple to test what is possible.
We dance to celebrate the joy of mere existence.
We gather and play only to say here we are!