Betty Page Bangs

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Nashville Tennessee born Betty Mae Page was and remains the queen of pin ups.
Her trademark “u- shaped fringe” was cut originally by herself. She moved to NYC in 1950 to pursue work as an actress where she met a photographer on a walk along Coney Island Shore, who said she d make a good pin up model and suggested she cut bangs to cover her high forehead so she went home and gave herself her now iconic look.
Betty posed for dozens of photographers through the 1950 s and was “Miss january 1955” one of the earliest playmates of the year for Playboy as well as all female black and white silent 8mm/16mm films and photos with early BDSM themes.
She made all her bikinis and sexy outfits herself, this at a time when most women would wear one piece bathing suits with built in girdles.
Page s self confidence, bold authenticity, unapologetic sexuality, style and of course distinctive bangs were and remain an influence to many through generations.