In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

I want to share this awesome collection ” The Eccentric” by Melbourne Australia based Ben Martin.
This takes him as a finalist for Australian Hair Fashion Awards, Victorian Hairdresser of the Year 2019.
I had the pleasure to publish the collection “Icon Living” last June. Read Here.

Benjamin Martin’s latest creative work, The Eccentric, celebrates the makers and dreamers that contribute to our social framework. Fascinated by the rise of the self-made celebrity thanks to the influence of social media in our lives, Martin gets up close and personal with the people dedicated to their wearable art through fashion, make up and hair.
“When I think about the creative process for this shoot, it really is a natural progression from where I was last year, both artistically and professionally,” says Martin.
“It’s more layered and complex. It’s putting these individuals under a microscope, but in my case in front of a camera; and really getting to know every detail about their story and how every element to their look has been curated to the tee. I love how committed they are.  They’re making a statement,” says Martin.
A collection of six images, The Eccentrics are captured solo in their individual worlds. Most are cropped at the waist to accentuate the details in the hair, fashion and make up. Each look and character are purposely different from the next.
“I wanted to show each of the characters in their extreme light, but in a fashion forward way. We usually see these people out an about, in crowds, at gigs, some of them shopping at the local supermarket. Their commitment to their styling is unwavering and I have a huge respect for that. They don’t care what people think. They walk to their own beat,” explains Martin.
Each hair look features a unique style and technique; from mauve mullets and vertical afro’s to light activated up styles and exaggerate windswept French rolls.  The hair collection has a true showman quality to it balanced with a directional fashion essence.
“The hair is supposed to look a little effortless and undone. Almost as if they’ve done it themselves. The colours played a central theme, with a very worn in there is nothing neat or polished about the styles. The cuts add texture and movement, which gives the collection a really nice feel of authenticity”, says Martin.
Martin incorporates traditional techniques and redefines them through colour, cut, style and form to create his die-hard street style eccentrics as well as demonstrating his appreciation for technical brilliance.
The fashion and make-up played a vital role in bringing the eccentric theme to life. Like hair, every make up look was unique. Shella Martin, make up director, experimented with glitter and metallic finishes, bold colours and lines to dial up the extreme levels. While Liane Hurvitz incorporated soft coloured backdrops and middle cropped shots to play up against the highly decorated and textured materials found in Simone Farrugia ensembles.