tribu-te-academy_logoHow to become  a good leader by Julie Eldrett

Julie Eldrett
Passionate about Management and being totally team building focused, Julie is a manager consultant with over 35 years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry. Julie previously owned a successful salon business.


2-day course + 1 day of Art & Culture inspiration “Exclusive to Tribu-te Academy!’  

Objectives: Increase team performance

All about you and how your team plays a crucial role in your business.
Look at ways you can become a good leader with good communication skills, while using your emotional intelligence.
We will explore how you can achieve a happy team.
Business + : Good leaders generate good results.

3 -day Advanced seminar
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As a complementary courtesy: An Inspiration tour in Paris

An unexpected experience

As a gift, a full day of immersion at the end of the course in the world of the Arts and Culture in Paris, to develop your culture and fashion talk with clients in your salon.

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