The Barlow Barber Chair

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Atlanta GA based bad ass barber Wallace Barlow is currently in partnership with “Minerva Beauty “. He  designed and launched his own brand of beautiful high functioning barber chairs ” The Barlow Barber Chair”
Wallace is also a national educator/platform artist for Andis company and represents MAG an up and coming manufacturer of grooming shears.

How did you originally get into doing hair?
I originally loved music and grew up in the ‘Glam-Rock’ days. I was hoping to be a ‘Front man’ in a band on M-TV. Lol
I was always a bit more edgy with my style(hair, fashion, & swagger).
Doing hair and becoming a ‘Platform Artist’/educator was pretty much like being a ROCKSTAR and touring! 💈✂️😎

What are your favorite men’s styling products at the moment?
-Cloak and Dagger for Men
-18.21 Man Made
-1922 by J.M. Keune


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