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Tim Hartley
The emblematic heir of Vidal Sassoon,  the magic of his cuts, the rigour of line and his style make him one of the most admired icons in the world.


2-day course + 1 day of art & culture inspiration 

“ For me all is about the relevance and importance of amazing cuts and colours expressed through this amazing medium of hair. Expect to see abstraction infused with the surreal and a whiff of spiritual chic for inspirational escapism from the ordinary!”  


To learn specific tips & the advanced techniques of avant-garde cuts .
To improve your confidence and the precision of your movements.
To get a grasp of the key techniques for personalisation and finish.To decode fashion trends and transform them into commercial propositions.
Business + : speed and efficient operation in the salon .

3 -day Advanced seminar 3000€/ pers
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As a complementary courtesy: An Inspiration tour in Paris

An unexpected experience

As a gift, a full day of immersion at the end of the course in the world of the Arts and Culture in Paris, to develop your culture and fashion talk with clients in your salon.

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