Asya Kozina: Baroque Paper Wigs

In articles by Natalie Lynn Hyndman

Asya and Dmitriy Kosin’s Art Group is a creative duet focused on exploring the possibilities of contemporary paper sculptures. Their interest as professional artists lays in the field of cultural research, archiving, and plastic expression of different historical, traditional and artistic renderings. Unique and complex designs are calling to be tried on, insistent on telling their stories through photographs and limited edition prints.
The versatile white paper is used not only as a tool but also as a concept that helps to express the historical process in a symbolic fashion. The images of Mongolian, African, Scythian, Venetian, Baroque, Art nouveau cultures are easily recognizable while simultaneously metaphorical.
A paraphrase of modern appropriation of history as a set of events cleared from insignias of the epochs, but often full of contemporary emotions and value judgments. Artists have since left the blank paper surface to be devoured by the perception of the viewer.