tribu-te-academy_logoArt of Colour Special Brunettes  by Marc Creed

Marc Creed
Creative Colour Artist member of the Elite L’Oreal Portfolio Group Philosophy Hairdressing.


2-day course + 1 day of Art & Culture inspiration Special brunettes! 

“In addition to the study and pursuit of beautiful of hair colour I also approach hair from a perspective that explores the psychology and deep understanding of clients wants and needs. A refreshingly realist approach that dispenses with the ‘marketing mist’ and focuses solely on the clients journey”


Creativity, illumination, tips – Understand, master and become a Brunettes specialist
Know how to hold an efficient client consultation
Business + : Ensure client loyalty by mastering your colour service

3 -day Advanced seminar
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As a complementary courtesy: An Inspiration tour in Paris

An unexpected experience

As a gift, a full day of immersion at the end of the course in the world of the Arts and Culture in Paris, to develop your culture and fashion talk with clients in your salon.

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