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I want share the latest collection ANTROPOMORFIA COLLECTION by MANUEL MON.
Antropomorfia is a creative, organic, corporeal and human journey. The hair, pure white, is made up of biological forms, expressing internal qualities on the outside, taking on a life on its own.

“Textures and shapes are conceptualized as human; fabrics and body structures are expressed in natural hair with readapted techniques. The skulls are highlighted with somatic, living forms, full of purity, in contrast to the sanguine red of the garments.”

Hair: Manuel Mon | @manuelmonoficial
Photographer: Bernardo Baragaño | @vertigoestudio
Make up: María Montes y Helena Truébano | @__mariamontes__
Model: Cristina Pérez
Styling: Ana Gonzalez
Products: Revlon Professional Instagram: @revlonprofessional_es