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I want to share this “Floraganza Collection” by Adrian Gutierrez, photographed by Damien Carney.

“Adrian Gutierrez, for Free Spirit Hair Salon, is an outstanding artistic director for 25 years, with 35 years of professional experience in Atlanta and originally from Mexico. His education is primarily from the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA and San Francisco, CA as well as the UK. He has experience being a Kerastase Tech Artist and a member of the Ted Gibson Artistic Team working in tandem with Ted Gibson and Jason Backe at major hairshows including IBS New York, IBS Vegas, and New York Fashion Week with the following designers: Romeo Hunte, Carmen Marc Valvo, Naldo Montanez, Emmanuel Acosta, Pret-A-Porter, Rocky Boston, Christian Colorado, Stitched by Radically Classy, Kyra by Kimberly Allen, Arkansas Fashion School, Designers’ Premier, Irina Shabayeva, Elier Aubret, Madame Adassa, and MK|KM Experience. He was NAHA 2019 finalist in the Texture and Style & Finish categories.”


Photographer: Damien Carney
Creative Director of Makeup: Joanne Gair
Creative Director of Wardrobe: Nikko Kefalas
Hair: Adrian Gutierrez
Hair Assistants: Kelly Landmesser, Elena Abramyan, Jensen Matthews, Victoria Miranda, and Christal Adams